1983 - Television report, Antenne 2 (France), An auction for Poland - Great painter Georges Yatridès

Transcription of the video


Host: We chose to start this news bulletin with a picture of Lech Walesa receiving his Nobel Peace Prize from his wife, who had to leave Poland with her children to receive the Nobel Prize in Norway; Lech Walesa who had preferred to remain in Poland rather than risk exile; Lech Walesa, about whom the Polish government published a vitriolic article stating that they have ceased all talk with him since he is manipulated by the United-States. Philippe Gassot.

Philippe Gassot:Lech Walesa, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, was not awarded his gold medal from the Nobel Committee chairman but from his wife Danuta. This emblem, a world-wide recognition for the activities of Solidarity’s ex-leader, will be offered ex voto to the Black Madonna of Czestochowa. The family will keep the Nobel Peace Prize diploma as a memento of the event. The Walesa family pilgrimage to the most sacred places in Poland coincides with the anniversary of the state of war announced on December 13, 1981.

Host: Poland continues to inspire solidarity. Last night, as you will see, French painter Georges Yatridès sold a painting by auction for 80 million centimes. The proceeds of the sale will serve to buy and send food and medicines to Poland.


Auctioneer :

720,000 on my left.

750,000. 780,000 near the middle.

800,000 for this painting by Yatridès,

800,000 for Poland.

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