1981 - Famous contemporary artists sacred art exhibition at the Sacré-coeur

Translation of the documentary

Host: "On September 1, you might have time to visit a sacred art exhibition that takes place in the Sacré-Cœur’s crypt. Sacred art has been a recurring subject in many works and a long-term tradition for many artists – unexpected ones at times. Micheline Sandrel."

Micheline Sandrel : "The Picture Rails of the Sky – it is the exhibition title – have taken up residence in the Sacré-Cœur’s crypt. In the lobby, two tall paintings from Bernard Buffet: Lucifer and Traitors Frozen in the Ice.

The setting of the exhibition - the crypt, its walls and the chapels - emphasizes the character of the works and provides them with a space that, too often, is missing.

The Escape to Egypt by Louis Toffoli.

A stained-glass window project by Yatridès: Fisher of Men.

By Guy Séradour, recipient of the Gemmail Award: Prayer.

The visit becomes a meditation, and lies perfectly within this tradition of religious arts that aspires to create an atmosphere, another silence.

Recipient of the Gemmail Award: Lurçat.

The central part of a tryptich by Margotton: The Crucifixion.

This Holy Face was made by Pierre Henri, recipient of this year’s Gemmail.

André Quellier, recipient of the 1981 Prix de la Lumière, made this project for the Penitents’ Chapel in Ramatuelle. As the Laureate of the International Eucharistic Congress, he exhibits over a dozen of his paintings, including this Archangel.

The subjects are borrowed from the Bible, Gospels.

Nativity by D’Anty displays vibrant colours.

By a Polish painter, a long-time resident of Paris, Marek (name unknown), this beautiful portrait originates from the Bible and is exhibited in the Sacré-Cœur’s crypt."

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