2003 – Famous artist Georges Yatridès inspires director Stanley Kubrick to direct the cult movie 2001: a space odyssey



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Today, monolith YATRIDES has been recognized by universities, historians, semiologists for more than 20 years and today in NOripcord Film Reviews: 2001 : space odyssey:“The mysterious black monolith, accompanied by the haunting "Requiem" scores of György Ligeti, appears prominently in all segments and simultaneously facilitates the sense of mystery and, somewhat paradoxically, principle within the film. The lumbering artifact's interaction with humanity skillfully suggests the perpetual presence of otherworldly intelligence as a monitor of human activity.  Therefore, due to this implied omnipresence, Kubrick intentionally evokes a polytheism or the existence of a multiple gods, contrary to the traditions of a monotheistic Christianity; the director rather focuses on God as a race of elevated lifeformsProfessor Jack Good of Oxford University is quoted by Keir Dullea on one of the DVD's special features "What is Out There?" as theorizing that God is "more or less an immortal consciousness permeating the whole of the universe."  Perhaps most complementary to Good's quote is Kubrick's comprehensive vision of the film, which at its core promotes the concept of God but not in literal terminology -- only with an artifact -- which refutes any actual suggestions of the image of extraterrestrial life.  This in turn elicits the theological imagination of its audience and encourages further investigation. (Grant Phipps. August 27, 2009)


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