Please find below a noncomprehensive list of documents, letters and catalogs written by personalities and institutions which have had, and continue to have, a significant impact on our contemporary world.

1 2009 – Director Miles Millar expresses his admiration for the work of artist Georges Yatridès
2 2003 – Famous artist Georges Yatridès inspires director Stanley Kubrick to direct the cult movie 2001: a space odyssey
3 1994 - Alexandre Bourmeyster, a famous semeiologist, synthesises the life and work of great artist Georges Yatridès
4 1994 – A biography of Georges Yatridès - Artist Georges Yatridès’ audit of financial statement by the French Tax Authorities
5 1991 – Note from Arthur Conte, former minister of information and president of the O.R.T.F. (office de radiodiffusion television française) to famous contemporary painter Georges Yatridès
6 1989 - Who's Who in International Art confirms the high value of great artist Georges Yatridès' works
7 1987 – Who’s Who in International Art presents the great contemporary artist Georges Yatridès
8 1987 – director Jean Delannoy suggests a movie about artist Georges Yatridès
9 1986 - Who's Who does not intend to pay great master georges yatrides for using reproductions of his works
10 1986 – Season’s greetings from the president to great master Georges Yatridès
11 1985 - Maitre Blache explains to artist georges yatrides how boussac is causing harm to the painter’s auction sales
12 1983 – Auction at Sotheby's - Richard Michelin inquires about a painting by great artist Georges Yatridès
13 1983 – auction at christie’s –the farther shore by contemporary master Georges Yatridès
14 1959 - Introduction International Galleries Chicago - Samuel E. Johnson

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