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July 1964


Linked to Chicago’s International Galleries, a young French painter is hiding away in Grenoble to better express his art 

He could have settled in the south of France, in Paris or its vicinity, in Saint-Paul-de-Vence or Honfleur. Out of a need for isolation, he chose Grenoble.

Yatridès is one of these painters who has dedicated his life to painting. As such, and as a way to express their art, they can prove to be as exacting as they are intransigent.

He could have been a rocket engineer. He embraced a far more uncertain and difficult road that reveals its richness only to a privileged few. Only the faithful will choose it and hold true to it. Yatridès is one of them.

His first exhibition at the Gallerie Voyelle (no longer in existence) in Paris, 1955, caught the attention of famous American enthusiasts. Among them, the director of one of the most renowned galleries in the United States, the International Galleries based in Chicago, gave him his chances and offered him a tremendous contract.

If you are starting a career, are yet to become famous at all and - more importantly – need to make ends meet, you cannot possibly turn down such an offer. Yatridès therefore signed a contract of exclusivity with the gallery, tying his work, his life and his family’s to it for years.

He had a second exhibition which confirmed the success of the first, but more especially his choice to leave behind a scientist career for which his talent had prepared him.

It was in Chicago, April 1959 that the International Galleries had organized a prestigious showing of notorious painters’ works. The event was titled “Contemporary French Masters” and exhibited Braque, Chagall, Chapelain-midy, Gromaire, Picasso, Jacques Villon, Puy, Savin, and... five paintings by Georges Yatridès.

The latter was by far the youngest and the most anonymous but the intensity and originality of his art made him triumph against age and anonymity.

Since then, as regularly as his inspiration allows him to, and with the freedom of expression that he holds dear, Yatridès, from the 7th floor of his Grenoble apartment, sends all his works to America.

We were able to view a few canvases before they were shipped, and we were amazed that so much sobriety could allow for such richness: the richness of character, nuance, expression, sensibility, and all of it outlined, equally underlined by the rigidity of the graphic art-inspired drawing, and an old secret technique rediscovered and jealously guarded... and so is Georges Yatridès’ talent by the Americans.

Lucile DUC


Note: A painting ready for shipping to Chicago. Without the slightly soft, dull colors, only the personal character of the drawing expresses the richness of the work.


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