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Of Franco-American nationality, Georges YATRIDES has born in France in 1931. He was born of Greek parents who emigrated in 1917, after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, and who had an Christian Orthodox Archimandrite for a great grandfather and a Graeco-American father, a native of the United States studying in France, himself the son of an Christian Orthodox Deacon carrying out his christian pastorate in Rock Springs in Wyoming, USA.

Life and his craft drove him to expatriate himself to, in particular, Switzerland, Greece, Africa, Mexico, the United States and several times to Great Britain.



Yatridès 1962

In 1954, still under the influence of GAUGUIN and the Fauvists, he exhibits paintings, dating from 1945 to 1949, in Vichy, then in 1956 in Paris, at Madame Chastenet de Gery's Gallerie des Voyelles, since disappeared. There, he is noticed by an expert, attached to the International Galleries in Chicago and accepts a contract for exclusive world rights proposed by its director Samuel E. JOHNSON.All his production makes its way into the largest Private Collections in the United States and Canada. He figures in numerous Retrospectives and Art School's artistic events. Let us remember the one in 1958 : Drawings and Watercolours of the French School 1900-1959, works of artists who had, for the most part, participated in the prestigious Exhibition : From Clouet to Matisse - French drawings in American Private Collections - An Exhibition organized at the Musée de l'Orangerie by the American Embassy in Paris - the one in 1959 in Chicago : Contemporary French Masters, bringing together 18 painters including Braque, Villon, Chagall and Picasso - the one in 1960: Masters of Modern Art 1910-1960 (Special Mention in Cubist, Post-Impressionist, Expressionist and Surrealist Schools) - the one in 1965: Specialists in XXth Century Masters (Special Mention in Collector's choice 1965).

From 1957 to 1965, in accordance with the same contracts of exclusive rights, personal exhibitions are mounted in the USA, Canada, Latin America, Switzerland, Great Britain and Greece, where all his works are acquired by important Private Collections. A permanent exhibition of his paintings is mounted in the United States, tacitly extending these contracts until such time as Yatridès on his own initiative puts an end to them.
Freed from all exterior constraint, master of his graphics, his light and his chromatic, Yatridès is thus enabled to undertake the large compositions that will characterize his art of the seventies, and in which will be blended the scattered elements of his earlier work. Retrospective exhibitions follow throughout the world, among which, the one in Paris in 1974. In 1981, three crypts in the Sacré-Coeur in Paris are made available for YATRIDES to expose paintings of biblical inspiration.

His paintings and drawings arouse the enthusiasm of important international collectors, justifying the prevailing prices paid amongst them. His work makes complete artistic events such as the XIth and XIIIth Salons in Montmorency, in 1981 and 1983, the XXXIIIrd Salon in Montargis, in 1988, the French and Canadian International Biennials in 1987, 1989 and 1991, those in 1988 in Quebec, bringing together 170 of the finest artists from 30 different countries, and in 1993, artistic events in which Yatridès participates as the Special Guest of Honour (Grand Invité d'Honneur).

Numerous publications and catalogues are dedicated to him. In 1983, Jacques CHARPENTIER composes his Prelude for the Elsewhere in Rio de Janeiro, in homage to the New Scrolls, the painting that Yatridès had given for the Polish Children's Christmas, and whose sale at auction had made possible the sending of a convoy of medicines and medical equipment.

In 1992, the work of Arthur Conte is published, "Yatridès, Master of Time", and in 1994, that of Alexandre (Sacha) Bourmeyster, "Yatridès and His Century, the Anti-Picasso". Followed by: in 1960, "YATRIDES '  Interstellar Icons" in KUBRICK 'S  film of 1968, "2001: Space Odyssey", as well as "Yatridès and The Bible", Editor's Choice - to be published.



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