ART PUBLICATIONS (Official Titles)

"Yatridès, Master of Time" by by Arthur Conte (272 pages, Editions Lumière et Espace 1992).
Arthur Conte, Minister, Chairman-Director of Former French Broadcasting Corporation during Charles De Gaulle's Présidence of Fifth Republic.

"Yatridès and His Century" by Alexandre Bourmeyster (268 pages)
combining two other thesis :
"Yatridès, the Anti-Picasso" and "Yatridès, Painter of the Invisible Reality" thus mobilizing all his resources as a great semiologist, (Editions Lumière et Espace 1992).
"Interstellar Icons", "Yatridès 1960 - Kubrick 1968" by Alexandre Bourmeyster1994 (160 pages, to be published).
"Yatridès and The Bible" by Alexandre Bourmeyster 1995 (148 pages, to be published).
Alexandre Bourmeyster, Professor qualified teacher of Russian, Doctor of Philosophy and Semiology.

(Official Titles)

"Public relations and Communications Techniques in the Service of Painting : Making known a Painter -"Yatridès"
( French School of Press Attachés. -Founder and Managing Director : Denis Huisman - Lehodey Mémoire 402 pages, 1983).

"The Painter Outside the Tumult" by René Char - M.S.T.C. (Masters' in Telecommunication Sciences - Grenoble University III, 1981). Video Sceanario for film.

(Official Titles)

"Life, Exhibitions and Retrospectives, important dates 1931-1994" Detailed Professional Biography drawn up by the Tax Authority. By the same Official Administration : "Tax Evaluation of Yatrides' work".

-16 to 96 pages-
Including numerous colour reproductions
(Official Titles)

"Partial Retrospective of the Work of Georges Yatridès" "1963-1982", Special Off-print, (16 pages) published on behalf of Who's Who in International Art (Socap 1987)  taken from their 87/88 edition.
"Georges Yatridès" -Edition produced by the Galerie des Voyelles, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris -1956.
"Yatridès" -Edition International Galleries, Chicago -1959.
"Yatridès" -Juarez Galleries, Palm Beach, Florida -1963.
"Yatridès" -Galerie Jean Charles Lignel Edition, Paris - 1975.
"Retrospective Yatridès 1945-1978" (96 pages), edited by the Grenoble Town Hall - 1979.
"Yatridès from 1981-1982" -edition produced as part of the Special Grand Prix Hors Concours, Montmorency -1981.
"Yatridès guest of Honour"(34 pages), edited by the Authorities of Montmorency -1983
"Yatridès' Univers" (46 pages), edited by the Authorities of Meylan, château de la Condamine -1984.
"Yatridès Great Master Guest of Honour" 1987-1989-1991 (48 pages),edited as part of the France-Québec International Biennials Art Festivals, Quebec.
"Yatridès Main Master guest of Honour" 1988, Canada Quebec
"Yatridès Great Master Guest" 1991-1993 (72 pages), edited as part of the International Biennals -Town Hall of Riom City of the Dukes. pages),

(Official Titles)


"The Painter of the futur Memory" Daniel Daneyrolles, FR3-1979.
"The Painter Outside the Tumult"René Char - M.S.T.C. (Masters in Telecommunication Sciences - Grenoble University III), 1981.
"Yatridès, The Picture Rails of the Sky" Sacré-Cœur (Montmartre) TF 1 - 1981.
"Le Peintre Hors du Tumulte" René Char-PROVIDEO 1983.
"Yatridès Art" V.O. (VERSION ORIGINALE S.A.) 1985.
"Yatridès" Official Television Broadcasting News : 13:00/20:00 PM, Daniel Bilalian - ANTENNE 2.

GERMANY / POLAND / RUSSIA (Official Titles)

"Yatridès and his century", "The anti-Picasso", "Yatridès Master of Time", "Interstellar Icons" Yatridès's monoliths 1959/1963 - Kubrick's monolith 1968 "2001 : Space Odyssey" (Television, videos, film) 1984

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