Artistic documentaries

Please find in this section video documentaries on Master Georges Yatridès’ art.’s management apologizes for the mediocre quality of some of the videos. These documentaries are old and the tapes have slightly deteriorated over time.

1 1984 - "Georges Yatridès, The painter outside the tumult" - quotation by René Char - (Narrated by Alexandre Bourmeyster)
2 1981 - Sacred art exhibition at the Sacré-coeur, Paris
3 1984 - Documentary on the great master Georges Yatridès - Yatridès’ art (narrated by the artist)
4 1985 - Famous modern artist Georges Yatridès' Paintings and metallograms (silent documentary)
5 1972 - Georges Yatridès, a painter of future memories
6 1981 - Georges Yatridès, documentary on the expression of the great artist style

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